Review society of the rotten

Posted by Clemens Schaap ZwareMetalen in November, 2014


The second review we have received from our EP Society of the Rotten:

Ik kan me voorstellen dat je je regelmatig kapot verveelt wanneer je als jongere opgroeit in een klein dorp in het zuiden van het land. Vaak blijft er dan weinig anders over dan je vertier in de muziek zoeken. Gelukkig voor ons hebben deze jongens zich niet gewend tot de plaatselijke fanfare, maar zijn ze zelf een band begonnen.

Remorse heet het gezelschap en er wordt een furieuze, groovende mix van thrash met deathmetal invloeden gespeeld. Denk aan een mix van Exodus met Pantera en een scheutje Entombed en je komt in de buurt. De vijf nummers klinken spontaan, zitten lekker in elkaar en zijn goed uitgewerkt. De zanglijnen zouden iets meer variatie in zich kunnen hebben, nu wordt het tegen het einde wat saai. Luistertip is Lost Cause vanwege die heerlijke openingsriff.

Society Of The Rotten is een leuke eerste kennismaking met deze band die wel naar meer smaakt. Hiermee kunnen ze de planken op, werken aan naamsbekendheid, de nummers hier en daar wat bijschaven en over een jaartje of wat de opvolger van het debuut opnemen. Dat gaat wel goed komen.

Review society of the rotten

Posted by William Nijhof Marios Metal Mania in November, 2014


The first review we have received from our EP Society of the Rotten:

Remorse from Holland brings you death thrash since 2005. There first demo saw the light in 2006. 2008 gave birth to their first EP followed by a full length in 2011. This is their newest release “Society of the Rotten” EP. Five tracks of well executed groovy death thrash. The guitar riffs are very heavy and reminds me of the heaviness of BLS. The riffs are technical but also very typical nineties metal riffs. The drums are straight in your face and filled with groove and double bass. The vocals are light grunts that are well listenable and understandable (at Least if you try haha). The only thing that I personal miss is a bit more variety. The production of this EP is also straight in your face and very heavy. The best song on this album for me has to be the fifth song that reminds me a lot of slayer but then more heavy hahaha. All though this is just an EP it is well worth every penny!

EMM band battle

Posted by Remorse in November, 2014


We have been selected to battle for a gig at the Eindhoven Metal Meeting 2014. The battle will be on November 16th at Café The Jack in Eindhoven. We hit the stage toghether with 7 other bands. The entrance will be for free. You're welcome to join us if you feel for it.


E.P. REleased

Posted by Remorse in August, 2014


Our EP Society of the Rotten has been released. You can listen to it at the discography section. If you like it, you can place an order at our BigCartel page. For only 5 euro you will get a premium Digipack sent to you.

Mosh it up!

Front cover

Posted by Remorse in August, 2014


Here it is: the front cover of our new E.P. Society of the Rotten! You can tell us on Facebook what you think of it.


New logo

Posted by Remorse in July, 2014


We would like to show you our new E.P. Society of the Rotten, but you'll have to wait for just a little bit more. Soon we will be able to let you hear our new songs and show you the artwork. But first we would like to bring something else under your attention. We have decided that it was time for a new logo. It was created by Wagemans Grafische Diensverlening and we are proud of it. We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do.


E.P. Recordings

Posted by Remorse in December, 2013


It's a WRAP! We're proud to announce that our new EP will be called Society of the Rotten. We have finished recording 5 new songs that will be released soon. We'll keep you informed.

Fuck shit up


Update canix all-stars

Posted by Remorse in December, 2013

New bands have been added to the Canix All-Stars Festival including: Golden Earing (30 Past 7), Creedence Clearwater Revival (Chantilly Lace) and Frans (Nuh). Check the poster for the other bands that already had been confirmed.





last minute show

Posted by Remorse in November, 2013

Bang your heads with us coming Saturday at Café Babouche in Horst. We will support our friends Maniac Forces during this evening. You'll have enough money to get your drinks because the entire evening will be entrance free.





E.P. Recordings

Posted by Remorse in November, 2013


We have some great news! We will be recording a new EP in December 2013. In total 5 of our new songs will be recorded at the Treefarm Studio. The title and the artwork will be announced any time soon. Keep an eye on this page and our Facebook page for further updates.


Posted by Remorse on July 2nd, 2013


Picture taken at the MetalDome at Graspop Metal Meeting 2013!


Posted by Remorse on June 10th, 2013

The Up Magazine decided to publish an article in the latest May edition about Remorse. You can read it by clicking the image on the left. Further more, we have some great news! We have been asked to perform a gig on a festival organized by the metal heads of Barracuda Café Hilversum. Check it out in the Shows section.



Posted by Remorse on March 12th, 2013

The program of our upcomming show in café Extase Tilburg has been revealed. We will perform at Extase together with Shattered Skull (BE) and Panoptikon (NL). Our friends The Guilt Parade have been added to the bill for our show in The Jack Eindhoven. Check out the 'shows' section of this page for more info.


metal battle

Posted by Remorse on January 9th, 2013


We've been selected to participate in the Metal Battle 2013. On March 2nd, we will compete with The Guilt Parade, Involved and Syphonaptera in The Rock Temple Kerkrade. Visit the Facebook event to support us!



Posted by Remorse on November 30th, 2012


Don't know what to give someone for Christmas or Sinterklaas. Here's an idea: Crush Your Pride! We have some new Girlies, T-Shirts and off course Crush Your Pride CD's. You can order one of those fine goodies by contacting us. Don't forget to put your name in the email.



Posted by Remorse on September 21, 2012


We would like to introduce new merchandise to you. We have put up hoodies as a pre-order in the merch section. The hoodies (Dutch: vest met capuchon) can be preordered from now on by contacting us. Don't forget to put your name in the email and the disered size.

The hoodies are original Fruit Of The Loom Zipper Hoodies with a qualitative print on it. They are available in the sizes from S up till XXL. Ordering one hoodie will set you back €30,-


Digital Distribution

Posted by Remorse on September 17, 2012

Our latest release 'Crush Your Pride' has hit the digital distribution channels. From now on 'Crush Your Pride' can be listened too through Spotify and be bought on CDbaby. Soon 'Crush Your Pride' will enter Itunes and other famous digital distribution channels. For only $5,00 you can get your digital copy of 'Crush Your Pride' or pay $0,49 cent per song.

Fuck shit up!

Mucky pup PICS

Posted by Remorse on August 15, 2012

We would like to thank the guys from the Mafcentrum for the great time we had last saturday. We enjoyed every minute of it. A big thank you goes out to stand-in 'Adje' Driessen, as he rocked that stage like a squirrel on XTC would. We would also like to thank Maniac Forces and off course Mucky Pup for their contribution to a great evening. The wonderful pictures of this evening can be found on this website and on Facebook.

See you next time!

Mucky pup support

Posted by Remorse on August 8, 2012

Today we're going to rehears our set one last time for the show coming Saturday. We are wondering whether there are some metalheads that would like to visit the gig on Saturday (more info). Surely we can arrange something and travel all together to Maasbree. Sent your name and phone number to if you would like to join us.

See you on Saturday.


Posted by Remorse on Juli 3, 2012

We have some cool news for you. Our very own guitar player Ui van der Linden has a new band and they just played their very first show. Great gig guys! We have a show comming up as support for the American lengendary band Mucky Pup. For this show we have called in a stand-in guitar player from The Guilt Parade. Adje Driessen will be the stand-in for Ui as Ui will be on a holiday.


new shows

Posted by Remorse on May 30, 2012

During the last couple of months we were preparing for some new shows. We can say by now that we added two shows to the calender. First we will be performing at the Baraccuda Café in Hilversum as the main act and secondly we will be performing at the Mafcentrum as support for Mucky Pup.

We hope to see you there.


new website

Posted by Remorse on February 27, 2012

Welcome to our new website. A special thanks goes out to W. Wagemans of Wagemans Grafische Dienstverlening for the gorgeous design of the website.

Take a look around and feel free to comment on any kind of social media you like and don't forget to push the little button at the right bottom to like us on 'GezichtsBuch'.


Review Nu of Nooit

Posted by Remorse on February 16, 2012

Trashmetal oude stijl is de laatste jaren aan een ware revival bezig. Oude rotten komen weer bij elkaar of maken nieuwe albums en jonge honden staan paraat. Ook Remorse behoort tot deze laatste categorie. En dan toch een staaltje trashmetal neerzetten waar Sepultura, Slayer en de oude Metallica het voor op een akkoordje zouden gooien. Toegegeven, de bandnaam, songteksten, en de voorliefde voor het oude metaal maken de band niet bepaald vooruitstrevend. Zodra de band begint te spelen kunnen we dit euvel meteen overboord gooien. Met een arsenaal aan uptempo metalriffs en effectieve tempowisselingen bewijst Remorse dat de oude stijl van thrashmetal nog steeds relevant kan zijn in de 21ste eeuw. Ook de rauwhese stem van de zanger is overdonderend begin jaren ’80. Hoewel een enkeling zich uiteraard afvraagt wat de toegevoegde waarde is van zo'n heropwaardering van het verleden, lijkt het logischer om zich gewoon over te geven aan het geheel. Want deze aanstekelijke ‘old school’ thrashbommen, laat menig toeschouwer met plezier terugblikken op de goeie oude tijd. Naarmate het optreden vordert wordt wel duidelijk dat de nummers nog niet bijzonder memorabel of afwisselend zijn. Dat er flink wat (technisch) potentieel in de groep huist, staat buiten kijf. (GS)